How Does Stretch Mark Cream Work?

Stretch marks! These pesky contours have been the source of shame for many individuals such as ladies working off the effects of pregnancy as well as birth. They occur due to a rapid stretch of the skin. They can also occur due to a rapid period of growth and even obesity. One way of removing stretch marks is to use stretch mark cream.

Working of Skinception stretch mark cream

According to the manufacturer, this cream has the ability to encourage collagen production in the skin, offering it back its ordinary elasticity. As far as stretch mark removal creams are concerned, they all have the same essential composite, which includes various herbs and nutrients, such as aloe vera and vitamin E. These are essential ingredients for repair of skin.


Vitamin E is said to assist the skin rejuvenate while aloe vera soothes and moisturizes the skin. The real ingredients that are thought to help in eradicating stretch marks are slightly different from one brand to the other. In some brands, Tretinoin is often used as it is the acidic form of vitamin A, thus having a tendency to boost collagen realize in the outer layer of a skin.

Another key ingredient found in this cream is emu oil, which is said to be about 70 percent fatty acids. Emu oil is extracted from the fat of an emu – an ostrich-like bird in Australia. For many years, this fat has been used by people to aid treat burns as well as other minor injuries. It is one of the most important elements found in stretch mark creams.

Other studies have shown that this oil does offer help with lowering scar formations caused by stretch marks because it is a natural anti-inflammatory. It shows that with the ability to prevent scars from forming on healing skin, comes the likelihood of eradicating previously stretch marks.

It takes a lot of commitment to apply this cream 2 to 3 times a day over a few months. Therefore, if they didn’t work, users would like to know before they buy. Brands containing ingredients such as cayenne pepper, vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin A and retinol can help as they encourage elastin or collagen.

In general, stretch mark cream hydrates the skin minimizing the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks and other scars. The cream:

  • Balances skin tone with beautifying botanicals
  • Lessen the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, and other skin scars
  • Hydrates the skin in a non-greasy way
  • Recapture the youthful glow with smooth, more radiant and soft skin


With a ready market searching for stretch mark cream, it is not surprising to see many companies regularly striving towards a better version, trying to out-do one another. The market is depending on cream as it is what those who do not like other options such as cosmetic surgery prefer.

With this tendency comes natural elements instead of chemicals, and although each cream has its own proven effects, no stretch mark cream can offer 100 percent proven guarantee. Creams work due to the elements that they contain.